When the Pepaya Grows

  • Marmite, cross culture love it hate it. Eat it now because of the strong salt taste in a world where lots of things taste sweet. Used for being contextual? Open to change. Things you once would never do…
  • Pepaya excitement pearaya [sic]
  • Attempts to grow pepaya. I’m connection to work/min/
  • Ngopi @2 – slow burn/links in the chain
  • Old newsletters.
  • Knowing the space/role you occupy. Breaking up the fallow ground.
  • Each chapter title a reference to an actual event i.e Tell is about predestination / Nasi Kucing
  • Starfruit and neighbour -trying to set me up
  • Think of some of my most poignant experiences 
  • Spacious place verse and principle
  • Principle of the One

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